I met a girl. She made a big difference in town. Her name is Cinderella. But she is an old Cinderella. Not the one with the Sta-Soft soft skin and blue eyes that shines stars through the green valleys. She is 47 years old. She made an amazing come back to life. She became extraordinary. She is happy and touch lives where ever she goes. She run with her basket in her hands. She waves to the neighbours and greet the animals on her tiny farm. When she opens her window, she can see the water cover the shades of the mountain. She picks flowers and put it on her dad’s table. She touches the lives of the ordinary, elderly and little people (children). She will clean her house with a smile. At last she open doors and walk straight in. Sometimes she doesn’t know which way, but she is stepping in the new world like Alice in Wonderland. She is in the second half of her life. She found peace, solitude and love. She has dreams, action plans and ask what next. The star (Stella means star) is starting her own dream.

Welcome to my blog

IMG 6215I’m a mom. 18 Years ago my husband and I drove home with our youngest baby to our half built home. 11 Years ago, we drop him off at his new school, starting Grade 1. I cried. I kissed his no-front-teeth-mouth. I said a prayer and good luck to the teacher. 5 Years ago, it was time to help him get ready for high School. I cried, this time in the shower. I kissed his teeth-full-bracelets-mouth. I said a prayer and good luck to the head master! Yesterday we flew to a town 1000km away. I said good bye, I cried, again. I kissed his stopple-sexy-beard-mouth. I said a prayer and good luck to the head couch of Blue bulls Rugby. I once made the mistake by telling him be kind and courage’s before a rugby match. But I still want to underline the kind and the courage parts. This make you happy. Not the money after a win. The friends you meet, the people you help and the knowledge you gain. That makes you a star. The Cinderella mom made a star. It is my star! Take the bull by the horns!

I am 100 days strong. No-alcohol-challenge dusted and done! What an incredible journey. I am so proud. Not because of the no-wine-adventure; but I realised I can do magic. It is in me. I can do anything if I want to. Start small. I realized I was pot-bound. Plants need to be repotted at least every two years. I’ve been in one pot the past 47 years. My roots were frantically pushing to find more breathings space. My old soil has been replaced by nutrients and now I am growing, even if I am old. My boys find joy in my tiny, little triumph, my audience were my family. 

All of us has a to do list.

This morning I decided to turn it around. What about a not-to-do list.

  • Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.
  • Do not carry my cell phone 24/7
  • Don’t eat bread this week
  • Do not check your e-mail constantly.
  • Do not multitask.

Now that I've done my 100 days and achieved the impossible, I want to tackle the next one…. Wake up at 5am every morning for the next 66 days, don’t eat bread for 30 days, no social media for one week etc. etc. (smile)

What did I learn this week?

Write down your gratitude’s every morning.

I woke up at 3am this morning, because of “otters” playing in the water in front of our house. I couldn’t sleep. Alarm went of at 5am. I was crampy, made lunch boxes for my family, crampy, then I left for work, crampy again. Then I wrote down my thank you words.

  • Thank you for my otters, I live on a lake with a thousand different birds.
  • Thank you that I have a family around me every morning.
  • Thank you for the left-over smoothie.
  • Thank you for the 12 kilometres run this morning.
  • Thank you for my airconditioned-office on a 40-degree hot day. I passed workers with spades digging holes in tar

Do I feel crampy now…… gone, it flew away when I realize what I have. Even the smallest things. Water to drink, 10 fingers, eyes, my mother and my 17-year-old dog.

Check out my photo’s. I took it yesterday under the water with my son’s go-pro. My eldest enjoy mom’s silliness on a Sunday afternoon, while everybody were sleeping. (that is what you do when you don’t drink wine ☺)

 Untitled design 13

I have my magic. My family. We all have magic around us. Cinderella put on her new magic glasses… she saw her handsome prince, the two mice and with her wand she changes the orange juice at last to a glass of red wine.

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10 Jan 2019

I met a girl. She made a big difference in town. Her name is Cinderella. But she is an old Cinderella. Not the one with the Sta-Soft soft skin and blue eyes...

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